2007 Sandbox Symposium

Sandbox Symposium

04-05, August 2007, San Diego, CA

The second annual ACM SIGGRAPH Sandbox Symposium is a co-located conference with SIGGRAPH 07. Sandbox looks to disseminate the latest theory and practice of videogame design and development, and to promote critical dialogue on their innovative, artistic, societal and individual ramifications. The symposium is a forum for innovative research and advances in videogame theory, practice and criticism. Video games are a singular technological medium, comparable in cultural impact to the telephone, television or the Internet. What are the creative, technological and commercial challenges facing this medium in the future? How do we relate great stories that leverage advances in technology? What is the continuing impact of this medium on individuals and society?

Sandbox Streamed

If you wish to see some of the procedings via the web, video streams of the conference will be available.


If you have questions please contact the organizers.