2007 Sandbox Symposium


Best Paper(s)

WiiMedia: motion analysis methods and applications using a consumer video game controller
- Akihiko Shirai

Journey of Discovery: The Night Journey Project as Video/Game Art

- Tracy Fullerton, Todd Furmanski, Kurosh Valanejad

Sandbox Streamed

If you wish to see some of the procedings via the web, video streams of the conference will be available.





9:00 Keynote address:
Warren Spector


9:45 Break



10:05 Interactive Dynamic Response for Games

Victor Zordan, Adriano Macchietto, Jose Medina, Marc Soriano, Chun-Chih Wu


10:30 A Dynamic Controller Toolkit

Ari Shapiro, Derek Chu, Brian Allen, Petros Faloutsos


10:55 Break


Open Source

11:15 Assembling an Expressive Facial Animation System

Alice Wang, Michael Emmi, Petros Faloutsos


11:40 Panel: Open Source Toolchains

Mark Barnes, Jon Philips, Erwin Coumans, Morgan McGuire, Gary Bradski, Ton Roosendaal


12:30 Lunch


Education and Psychology

1:30 GameLog: Fostering Reflective Gameplaying for Learning

Jose P. Zagal, Amy S. Bruckman


1:50 The Experience of Telepresence with a Foreign Language Video Game and Video

Jonathan deHaan, James Diamond


2:10 Drawing a Line in the Sand: Border/Boundary Theories and Games

Gregory P. Garvey


2:30 Break


Game Design I

2:45 Journey of Discovery: The Night Journey Project as "Video/Game Art"

Tracy Fullerton, Todd Furmanski, Kurosh ValaNejad


3:05 Principles of Emergent Design in Online Games: Mermaids Phase 1 Prototype

Celia Pearce, Calvin Ashmore


3:25 The Birth of the Virtual Clinic: The Virtual Terrorism Response Academy as Serious Game and Epistomological Space

Elizabeth Losh


3:45 Break



4:00 True Imposters

Eric Risser

4:20 Interactive Shader Development

Peter Dahl Ejby Jensen, Nicholas Francis, Bent Dalgaard Larsen, Niels Jorgen Christensen


4:40 Break


Game Design II

4:55 Managing the Tradeoffs in the Digital Transformation of an Educational Board Game to a Computer-based Simulation

Seth Sivak, Mark Sivak, Jacqueline Isaacs, Jay Laird, Ann McDonald


5:15 Mapping the Mental Space of Game Genres

J.P. Lewis, Morgan McGuire, Pamela Fox


6:35 Dinner - IGDA Panel
When Worlds Collide



9:00 Keynote address:
John Klima


10:00 Break


Stretching the Interface

10:15 WiiMedia: Motion Analysis Methods and Applications Using a Consumer Video Game Controller

Akihiko Shirai


10:35 Optimal Information Placement in an Interactive 3D Environment

Priyesh Dixit, G. Michael Youngblood


10:55 Break



11:10 Using Prototypes in Early Pervasive Game Development

Elina M.I. Koivisto, Riku Suomela


11:30 Panel: Rapid Prototyping: Visualizing New Ideas

Henry LaBounta, Chaim Gingold, Jeremy Townsend, Kyle Gray, John Buchanan, Vander Caballero


12:30 Best Paper and Wrap Up