2007 Sandbox Symposium


On-Site Registration Information

On-site registration will be in Hall H on the main floor of the SDCC(far side from the Marriott hotel), next to the Exhibit Halls. Thereshould be ample directional signage, just follow the Registrationarrows. For Sandbox, Advance Registration pickup (for those alreadyregistered in advance) opens on Friday, 3 August, from 3-6pm.Otherwise, it is open for both advance registration pickup andon-site registration on Saturday, August 4, at 7:30am. It would be agood idea to bring a printed copy of the confirmation email messagealong to registration. Security will not be allowing general SIGGRAPHattendees into registration until 1pm on Saturday. But if Sandboxattendees have pre-registered for SIGGRAPH 2007 as well as forSandbox, they should be able to pick up both badges at the same time.Attendees will need to go back to Hall H after 1pm on Saturday to getany additional materials (conference proceedings) since Merchandisefulfillment for SIGGRAPH opens at the same time that Sandboxregistration opens.

On-line Registration Information

The SIGGRAPH 2007 registration system is available on the web andincludes the ability to register for just SIGGRAPH, just a co-locatedevent (included options are Emerging Display Technologies Workshop,Graphics Hardware, NPAR, and Sandbox: video game symposium), or forcombinations of these.

*IGDA members can get a $100 registrationdiscount. For more information, email Drew Davidson at drew@waxebb.com.

*REGISTER at http://www.siggraph.org/s2007/attendees/registration/

On or before 29 June

Member $300

Non-Member $400

Student $200

On or before 25 July

Member $400

Non-Member $500

Student $300


Member $500

Non-Member $600

Student $400  



If you are interested in attending Sandbox, please email Drew Davidson: drew@waxebb.com

Exhibition Information

Booth Size Cost
10x10 $1000
10x20 $2000
10x30 $3000
10x40 $4000


If you are interested in exhibiting at Sandbox, please email Drew Davidson: drew@waxebb.com